About this Website

The "look" and general layout of the FTC-GB website is taken from the wpHoot Dispatch WordPress Theme.

This free WordPress theme is originally coded in PHP and was recoded to HTML5 for the FTC-GB website.


wpHoot Dispatch

wpHoot Dispatch is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL)

The details of the GNU GPL is available here:

The Dispatch WordPress Theme is itself derived from:

Underscores WordPress Theme, © Copyright 2012 Automattic

Hybrid Base WordPress Theme v1.0.0, © Copyright 2013 - 2014, Justin Tadlock

The wpHoot Dispatch WordPress Theme is based on Hoot Framework, which incorporates code from:

Hybrid Core Framework v2.0.3, © Copyright 2008 - 2014, Justin Tadlock

Customizer Library v1.3.0, © Copyright 2010 - 2014, WP Theming

Note: All of the above are distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL


Third-Party Plug-Ins

The wpHoot Dispatch WordPress Theme bundles the following third-party resources:

lightSlider, © Copyright sachi77n@gmail.com and released under the MIT License

Superfish, © Copyright Joel Birch, released under the MIT License

FontAwesome © Copyright 2012 Dave Gandy Licensed under SIL OFL 1.1
Code licensed under MIT License


Additional Hacks and Patches...

The light box used on the Members Cars page was developed by © Lokesh Dhakar and used in preference to the bundled light box.

The various feedback and application forms used within this site were built using the Form Builder from © powr.io.

The shadow effect on the Font Awesome header images is thanks to a code snippet from © MDN web docs

Other tricks, hacks, patches and coding magic performed by the Stoogle.


Font-Awesome is, well, Awesome...

The clue is in the name. If you like the icons scattered throughout this website then that's all down to the fantastic people behind Font-Awesome.

As a starting point, these websites were very useful.




We Respect © Copyright

When source code is used on the FTC-GB website for which a source reference is available, the reference is either included on this page or commented within the code.

All Copyrights are respected when ever possible. If you are a GNU GPL copyright owner that has not been accredited please contact webmaster@ftc-gb.org and we will address this oversight.