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Willie R. is an active member of the FTC-GB FaceBook Group, when he's not out playing with his "slightly modified" P5 20m TS...

All lot of the text within this section was sourced through conversations with Willie and is also taken from his excellent website. I have credited the authorship of the page to Willie.

If you want to know more about this fantastic turbo Taunus, visit Willie's website at turbotaunus.nl.

Any mistakes in the transcription are mine, and mine alone.

Stu D.


This 1965 Ford P5 20m TS Hardtop was built in Sweden and imported to Holland in 2014. It raced in Sweden with a Volvo turbo engine and was sold to another Swedish guy in 1997.

Naturally, he wanted more power and made many changes to the chassis before installing a 377 small block Chevy. A 377 small block Chevy with a big turbo....

On Martin Lundkvist’s Dyno, it showed 950 HP. When the engine was finished the owner lost interst in dragracing and put the car up for sale. Sadly it never actually raced with this engine combination.


Willie has been in contact with the original builder of the Taunus, Janne Håkansson, who told the following story...

In 1967 the car was sold to a man in Ronneby, Sweeden, who worked at the local electric company. At that time it was a silver metallic, was fitted with a 2.0L v6 engine and came with a floor shifter. As far as we know he kept it upto 1975-76 when he replaced it at the Ford-dealer for a new car.

At that time my friends brother, named Berne Josefsson, worked as a mechanic at the Dealership and he bought the car. He used as his daily driver for many years, gadually repairing some rust and repainting it a solid gray. When his brother, Joackim, got his drivers license in 1981 he took ownership of the car from Berne.

During the winter of 1984, Joackim and a friend were driving home one night when they lost control and had an accident, hitting a tree...

After that the car was put behind the barn at Joackims parents home.


In 1994 Janne was looking for a project and wanted to build a new racecar. At the time he had a 1953 Volvo PV fitted with a 16valve turbocharged engine and now wanted something lower and longer. Actualy he was trying to find a 1965 Opel Rekord coupe but at the time he could not find any.

P5-20m-TS-200x200-1 One day Janne visit his sister and her neigbour had a 20m TS parked outside. When he saw the car, he remembered Joackims hardtop... So he contacted Joackims and, yes, he still had it parked behind his barn. Joackims had a plan to repair it eventually so he also had a bare shell from a 1965 17m as the hardtop was in really bad condition. He liked the idea to turn it into a racecar and knew Janne had the skills required to build it.

In October 1994 the empty 17m bodyshell was carried into Janne's garage work started on building the chassis. The hardtop was in extremely bad condition as it had been standing in grass for 10 years. It was so bad that on the trailer ride to Janne's house the suspension snapped due to rust.

P5-20m-TS-200x200-2 Once the 17m was stripped very little remained. Mostly only the roof surviving! It was at this time Janne discovered the registration paperwork had been lost and the numberplate had been transferred to a big truck in northers Sweden!

Janne purchesed a 1965 20m, with registration, and started to transfer the 17m coupe roof onto the new 20m shell.


The car was finished springtime 1996 and all the work had been done by Janne, including the paintwork with some advise and help from a friend who is professional car-painter.

P5-20m-TS-400x400 The colour was supposed to be an original green shade from the 1967 Ford range, but somthing went wrong when the paint was mixed.

Happily, Jannes thought it looked even better than the planned colour so kept it.


From purchasing the car in 2014, Willie and his team mates have spent a lot of time refining the car, with new brakes, lights, rear 4-link suspension amongst other things.

The car raced well, even competing in the Eurofinals at Santapod in 2015.

Sadly the start to the 2016 did not go well, with Willie putting the car onto its roof at his local track..



Fun in the P5 20m "Special"

Fear not, faithful reader. Willie has been busy repairing the car and he will be back out to play soon!..

Here are some images of happier times.