In my youth I came across a picture of a P7 race car coming out of a corner, hard on the throttle. Right then and there I decided that I should try to build something that looked like that car....

From that point, life carried on, and I have been busy building the car in my head. The car is now "finished" and I know exactly how it will look.


A year after I bought my Taunus P5 I found a car on a Facebook group. I started to chat with the owner and I ended up buying it.

As with the P5, a couple of hours of driving and I reached the place were the car was.

17m-550x300 The second I saw it, I was it finished. I saw the lowered body, the exhaust poking out of the side b-pillar in front of one rear wheel, I saw the paintjob. I saw it exactly how it has all lived in my head for so many years.


So. The plan is set...

I know exactly how I want the build. It will have lowered and modified suspension, tuned engine with a modified carburettor arrangement. The body will be painted white on the inside as well as the underside with a white and blue paint job on the exterior in honor of the Ford colors.

When the car was home, the hunt for parts started. There are now three 2.8L v6's, two 2.6L v6's and a type 9 gearbox in my garage. Along with this I sourced a brand new, thick, original anti-roll bad for the front axle. It's a very rare race part and it was like searching for a needle in a hay stack, but I finally managed to get one.

It will have no interior or sound dampening what so ever and a smattering of riveted aluminium panels. It'll have a modified engine with straight pipes. Who want´s to muffle that? hahaha.

The overall theme of the car that I am aiming for is a small racing team went to their local Ford dealership and bought a P7 coupé for the use on the racetrack.

engine-267x200 engine-150x200

My absolute dream engine is the Weslake. I love the sound and how they look.

carbs-350x350 This is what the engine will eventually wear. Six stacks of roaring pipes under the hood!


hauler-500x350 The next thing I need to build/replicate is this towcar so i can visit shows without being harassed by the Police, hehe.

As I have said, I have the car already built in my head so in agreement with my two great friends, Roy and Stu, the custodians of the FTC-GB Club, once I start on the restoration/build of the car, I will keep you posted via this website.