Our car is a 1971 Ford 20m RS as supplied with the exclusively South African V6 3.0 Litre engine displacement, manufactured in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with manual gearbox.

Initially purchased by a Mr. JW Naude in the farming community town of Wesselbron in the Free State province on January 10th 1971 for the princely price of ZArand 3442 (approx US$ 4500 at 1971 rates)!

We purchased this one owner “time capsule” with 74000 km (approx. 45000 Mile) on the odometer from his estate in 2007 after it having stood for many years. The car was driven effortlessly from Johannesburg to Durban, a distance of 700km, and it was then securely loaded in a container and exported from the port in November of 2007. She arrived in Jacksonville, Florida in February 2008.


Ford 20m RS - The South African Trip to the Port


The car is an original, unrestored “time capsule” in all respects except for some left fender and hood paint, and we have substantial original paperwork and documentation including original bill of sale!.

The Ford 20m was not a standard USA model importation, so this car draws tremendous crowds at all car shows she attends, especially being in the right hand drive format.


There are very few of the Taunus based cars in the USA, and of those that are here, most are of the earlier 60’s versions.

Our very rare Ford 20m RS has also graced the pages of the Norwegian Taunus club magazine twice, in 2009 and Dec 2011.


Looks Familiar...

If you are looking at this RS, thinking "I've seen that somewhere before" then well done. You are correct.

Since this article was written, the Piri Piri Orange RS has changed hands and moved country. Again.

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Stu D.