I am only 34 years old but for as long as I can remember I have been mechanically minded, taking apart and re-assembling everything I can find.

I am completely self-taught and like nothing better than figuring out how something comes apart - and ideally back together again. Although this is not always the case! Ha ha.

As soon as I learnt to drive, I purchased my first Ford Taunus. It was a 1974 Ford TC2 2-door saloon in need of work to make it roadworthy. It took me five years to restore.

A few months after I had completed the restoration, I was involved in a bad accident. Unfortunately, the TC2 was a total loss.


Ford TC2 - Accident Damage


TC1-333x250 After only a few weeks, and still weak from the injuries I received from the accident, I started looking for another Taunus.

I eventually found a 1973 Ford TC1 2-door coupe. It is the car I always wanted.

As with all older cars, this one also needs work, so a total restoration is underway. I hope to complete the work by the end of 2020.


Ford TC1 - Current Restoration Project


With Thanks

Filipe would like to thank the following people for all of their help, assistance and advice.

  • All members of the FTC-GB Facebook group who have helped me with advice, information and support.
  • Harrie Drenth for locating difficult to find parts and spares.
  • Roy T. for all of the hard work he does behind the scenes of the FTC-GB Club.