Classic Ford Show @ Mallory Park

The UK’s premier Classic Ford event is returning to Mallory Park in 2020 and the FTC-GB Club will be in attendance.

With thousands of the best old school Fords in Britain on display, this is the perfect place to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Ford P4.

The Classic Ford Show features a range of Fords; from standard, tuned and modified. The Show has something for every blue oval fan.


60 Years of the Taunus P4. 1962-2022

Ford Taunus P4
Ford Taunus P4

Ford of Germany designed their first Front Wheel Drive vehicle in the early 1960’s. The P4 12m, produced between 1962 and 1966, had a completely new body style and introduced a new range of engines to the fleet.

The year, 2022 marks the 60th year since the Ford P4 was launched. The FTC-GB intend to celebrate this milestone in style, starting with attending the Classic Ford Show.

If you are interested in attending the NEC Show as a FTC-GB Club participant, please pre-register your interest.


Classic Ford Show Banner @ Mallory Park


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