Another Year, Another NEC Show!

60 Years of the Taunus P4
Big Celebrations for 2022
The 2022 NEC Classic Car Show was, yet again, a special one for the FTC-GB.

Although the Taunus marque had been in production since April 30th 1939, with the launch of the Ford Taunus G93A, all Taunus cars produced up until 1970 were designed and built by Ford of Germany. Previously, Ford of England and Ford of Germany produced very different vehicles for their respective Domestic Markets.

The German built vehicles were very different to the UK domestic market, and a radical for the time design was released in 1962. The P4 12M was the first Front Wheel Drive vehicle produced by Ford of Germany.

The P4 12M had a completely new body style and introduced a new range of engines to the fleet. 2022 marks 60 years of the P4 12M and as such, along with being a radical departure from the usual fare of the 1960's, required celebrating!

We also unveiled the total donation that the FTC-GB raised for Edale Mountain Rescue, with the help of a special guest...


The Club Stand

Once again FTC-GB were delighted to be accepted once more to the Show, particularly after our Award Winning 2021 Club display. The Organisers theme for this years show was "Part of the family". It certainly felt like a big family in Hall 8, once more joing 39 other Ford Clubs!

Our Anniversary this year was 60 years of the P4 Taunus, and our theme was a patriotic stand consisting of Red White and Blue cars!


Day Zero - Set up Day Words: Roy T.

So I had loaded up the RS on the Wednesday, ready for the 105 mile drive down to the NEC on Thursday 10th Nov, set up day. Fortunately a dry run down the the NEC, with little queuing, saw me setting up the Stand in Hall 8 by mid morning. Around midday Pat Lewis arrived in his P4, shortly followed by Ross Molden in his TC2 Wagon Estate.

With the Stand erected, the cars were positioned and cleaned to within an inch of their life. By the early evening, we were all set for the event.

Ross Molden's TC2 Wagon
Ross Molden's TC2 Wagon.
Roy Townsend's 20M RS.
Roiy Townsend's 20M RS.
Ross Molden's TC2 Wagon
Ross Molden's TC2 Wagon.
Roy Townsend's 20M RS.
Roiy Townsend's 20M RS.
Pat Lewis' P4 12M
Star of the FTC-GB Stand
Pat Lewis' P4 12M.

Day 1 - 11th Nov

NEC 2022 - Tauni with Ian and Eve

Day 1 (Friday) opened at 9.00am, with the Press being first to enter the Show, followed at 10.00am by the general public.

Soon the NEC and Halls were buzzing with people. Good friends Ian Gregory and his daughter Eve tested out the driving position in my RS and had the mandatory photo with Tauni!

There were lots of admiring looks towards the Star exhibit on our Stand, Pat's 1964 Taunus P4 Sedan. And with his adjoining Pop Up Banner depicting the P4s history proving to be a magnet for people to read.

NEC 2022 - Svien & Oystein with Pat's P4

Later in the day we were delighted to meet two Members of the Norwegian M Klubb, Svien Magna Fosse and Oystein Froytlog! Apparently they visit the NEC Classic Motor Show every two years, as many others do from overseas.


Day 2 - 12th Nov


Day 2 (Saturday), generally the busiest of the 3 days saw Martyn Page on Stand with his friend having a selfie with 'Tauni our Club Rep. who proves to be a popular attraction in her RS dress.

Then around 11.00am we were delighted to have Sarah Crabtree, ex Bangers & Cash and now Sales Director at Evoke Classics on the Stand with us.

Together with Lee Pace and Will Steeples from the adjoining FCCOC Club. This was our Clubs presentation of the Charity Fund raised for Edale Mountain Rescue throughout 2022.

Also in attendance were Andy Ellis (camera) and John Waide (writer), both of Retro Ford Magazine. Therefore I held our charity donation reveal of our total on the Stand with Sarah along with the Star of the FTC-GB Stand, Pat's P4.

In total, FTC-GB raised an impressive £542.50 for Edale Mountain Rescue.

NEC 2022 - Reveal of this years Charity Donation

The photo made it a crowd stopping moment on the Stand, which was enjoyed by everyone there! It was particularly pleasing to have Lee and Will representing the FCCOC Club with us, as a huge chunk of the was donation raised through selling parts to their Clubs Members. A very busy interesting and amusing time on day 2 drew to a close at 6pm.


Day 3 - 13th Nov


Day 3 (Sunday), and the first thing to do was meet and greet Alan Cyster down by Hall 5 in the Foyer and then disappearing to sample the Exibits around the various Halls, returning later to our Stand.

Once again, as throughout the show, many many questions about the Taunus cars on Stand with Ross Moldens TC2 Wagon drawing in the people. And there is the curiosity element all of the time with questions many of who were Ford Fans visiting the stand. Like, "never heard or seen these Fords before" and looks of bemused puzzlement.

A lot of the attendees initially walked past the FTC-GB stand, then returned to take a second look.. "Didn't know they existed" being a common conversation starter, followed by shock when told the Taunus marque has existed since 1939! It was rather funny seeing the reactions!

Later on in the day, Terry Snow from the Crayford Club opened the two Charity collection pots on Stand and counted the money collected at the Show. A very pleasing £56.60 was accounted for by Terry, and this money kick starts our new Charity Fund of 2023, which will be donated to Humber Rescue, which is a lifeboat charity based local to myself beside the Humber Bridge.

Alan Cyster popped back on Stand with us, as he seemed intrigued as to how all of the stand equipment was going to fit into my RS for the journey home.. We were soon to find out!

With the Show formally declared over by the organisers, the usual deafening sound of show vehicles blowing their horns heralded the end of the day and the end of the Greatest Show on Earth.

Here's to next years show!


With Thanks

So many thanks go to Pat Lewis and Ross Molden for attending the Show with their lovely Taunus' and, who I am sure, had a great time. We certainly "wowed" the "Ford Scene" and the public again this year, and hopefully will again in the years to follow.

Thanks also go to Andy Ellis and John Waide for the use of their photographs within this review.

Finally, as ever, thanks to Stu D. - our Club Editor, web-guru and loyal dogsbody - who has played a huge part in our success over the years since the FTC-GB Club was reformed. And, as everyone can see, we grow year on year offering something different on the Ford Scene.

Roll on 2023, and if we are successful in our application for a Stand at the NEC, we will be Celebrating The Forgotten Fords.....


Want to join us for 2023?

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