2023 NEC Show, Baby!

20 Years of the Taunus P1-7B Series
Big Celebrations for 2022

We celebrated 20-years of the Taunus P1 through P7b range in style, showing two very different ends of the range and condition.

Pete Goodman presented his rare as hens teeth P3, which proved to be a strong favourite with the crowds all weekend long!

Pete was accompanied by Roy T. with his NEC award winning Piri-piri Orange 20M RS

The P1 through P7b range were German built vehicles, and very different to the UK domestic market offerings of the time. The P3 of 1960 to 1964 was a radical departure from the usual three-box layouts of the day, being very swoopy in design and fitted with a Ford Thunderbird-esque front end.

We also unveiled the total donation that the FTC-GB raised for Humber Rescue, with the help of a special guest...


The Club Stand

Once again FTC-GB were proud to be accepted to diaplay at the NEC Classic Motor Show. The NEC Show theme for this year was Perfect Partners, a brief that the FTC-GB fulfilled perfectly.. Well, er. In spirit at least. We took the leading "P" from "Perfect" and a second one from "Partners" and fielded two P's; a P3 and a P7b.

Our club theme for the stand was The Forgotten Fords and the FTC-GB definitely hit the nail squarely on the head, by displaying a car most people had never heard of, let along forgotten! Ha ha..

The FTC-GB clubs Forgotten Ford was Pete Goodman's 1963 P3 17M TS. A Ford vehicle never seen before at the NEC, and this particular P3 was rescued from being scrapped, and saved by Pete just in time.


The Charity Donation Total


We were delighted once again to have Sarah Crabtree on the stand for a crowd stopping photo opportunity... The reveal of the total raised for our 2023 Charity Donation.

Drum Roll:... In total, FTC-GB raised an impressive £554.21 for Humber Rescue.

NEC 2023 - Reveal of this years Charity Donation

With Thanks

So many thanks go to Pete Goodman for attending the Show with hic amazing P3 Taunus. We certainly brought something different and never-seen previously to the "Ford Scene" and the public this year.

Thanks also go to Paul "Kitch" Kitchen for taking the photographs used within this review.

Finally, as ever, thanks to Stu D. - our Club Editor, web-guru and loyal dogsbody - who has played a huge part in our success over the years since the FTC-GB Club was reformed. And, as everyone can see, we grow year on year offering something different on the Ford Scene.

Roll on 2024.....


Want to join us for 2024?

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