Our Dream for 2021 Came True!

50 Years of the Taunus TC1
Big Celebrations for 2021
The 2021 NEC Classic Car Show was special for the FTC-GB for several reasons.

Although the Taunus marque had been in production since April 30th 1939, with the launch of the Ford Taunus G93A, all Taunus cars produced up until 1970 were designed and built by Ford of Germany. Previously, Ford of England and Ford of Germany produced very different vehicles for their respective Domestic Markets. However, with the formation of Ford of Europe, big changes were afoot.

The first vehicles launched by the new collaboration were the Ford TC1 and the Ford Cortina mk3. Both models were launched almost simultaneously to the awaiting public.

The year 2021 also marked a significant milestone for the FTC-GB club as a whole, being our 30th year! Formed in 1991 we are the only club in the UK specifically dedicated to, and catering for, the Ford Taunus range of cars.

Finally, our very own Roy T. winning Judges’ Choice for his top secret restoration put the icing on the cake, marking an incredible end to a fantastic show....


The Club Stand

With the Cancelled 2020 Show now a distant memory, anticipation was set high for the 2021 Show. And as you will see, it certainly was a massive hit for our Club, on different levels over the weekend.

Of the four TC1's planned for the original Show in 2020, only 2 were available to attend this year. So we had Mark Roe with his Raven Blue 1971 RHD TC1 2.3L V6. And secondly David Jeggo with his Sapphire Blue 1974 LHD TC1 Sedan fitted with a Group1 2000cc ohc engine.

Mark Roe's TC1 2.3L v6
Mark Roe's TC1 2.3L v6.
David Jeggo's TC1 Sedan 2.0L.
David Jeggo's TC1 Sedan 2.0L.

With a reduction in Stand space, there was just room for one more car. So I hatched a Plan, ambitious to say the least some would say?..

Shh.. Secret!
The Secret. Shh.

The Big Secret... Words: Roy T.


As it entered the springtime of 2021, I was already eight months into a secret restoration... With 8 months to go before the Show, I wanted to pull out all the stops and have my new restoration there.

Roy's Secret Resto
Roy's Secret Resto - 1971 20M RS

It's a 1971 South African 20M RS, which was previously owned by Ash - and features in our Taunus Spotlight section. If you attended the NEC event you can't have failed to notice the 20M RS proudly displayed on the club stand. What you may not know is it was only finished and "on the road" 3 days prior to the Show!

On Thursday, all 3 of us set off to the NEC. David trailered his sedan whilst Mark and myself drove... I was apprehensive to say the least as it was my first trip in the RS and loaded up with all the Stand gear too! With the freshly rebuilt engine needing to be "run in", I tagged onto the back of lorries for the 105 mile trip down to Birmingham.


Friday - The First Day

When I arrived in Hall 8 at the Show David had already off loaded his TC1 Sedan and was waiting around. And soon after Mark arrived with his TC1 Coupe, and the cars were positioned "on stand" around 2pm. After setting everything up and cleaning the cars, we all retired to our Hotels for a well earned rest, we had made it and were ready for the Show to begin in the morning.

Friday, the 1st Day, is regarded as "Press Day", with the Show opening at 10.00am, and soon enough the crowds entered the Show, with lots of interest in our Stand bringing something new and different to the NEC. Fairly soon we had the renowed "Classic and Sports Car Magazine" representatives on our Stand asking lots of questions about our cars, and a short time later returning with Tickets to the "Club Awards" Gala Dinner on Friday evening, no less!...

Little did I realise at the time I had been shortlisted with my 20M RS along with two other participants for an Award. With the Show closing at 6.00 pm and Stand secured, we headed upstairs to the Gala Restaurant with around 20 other Clubs. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation and awards were given out one by one to the various Clubs. The food and drink flowed and was excellent, then I heard my name called out...

Wow! I was called up to receive Judges' Choice Award, I must say I was stunned and delighted that my 20M RS had been chosen out of around 2,500 exhibits! Above all else, it's an award for FTC-GB and the work both Stu D. and myself have put in over the years to make a very successful Club. To give everyone an indication of how special the Friday "Club Awards" are, sitting to my left was the Chairman of the Riley RME Club. As a club they have attended the NEC Show for more than 30 years, and this was their 1st invite to the Awards evening. So for FTC-GB to be invited in our 1st year there! Simply an amazing achievement.


The Weekend - Doors open to the Public...

NEC 2021 - Tauni & friends
Saturday was the busiest of the 3 days, with various "members" visiting the Show and our Stand, too numerous to mention and all were very complimentary about the cars and stand layout, which was pleasing to hear. And of course we had Tauni, our NEC "Rep." who proved very popular with the public, many of whom took selfies with the glamerous FTC-GB rep. As you can imagine lots and lots of questions came forward from people interested in our cars all day long. Phew!

Sunday followed a similar pattern, with questions and answers from the Team, like "wow didn't know these existed", Haven't seen these here before?", "How unusual to see these, never knew anything about these Taunus cars?"... By now my voice was going, and I was beginning to sound like the singer Barry White!

The Sunday was more of a family day for many, with children visiting along with their parents. We had enough room for everyone as the cars were laid out with good gaps and the public flowed through very well indeed all weekend.

Sunday would also be our Charity Reveal where we announced the amount of money collected all throughout 2020 and at the Show. We had a running total of £469 coming into the Show, just hoping to break £500? And we smashed it, raising a very pleasing total of £536.70 which has been donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Far too soon, it was all over...


With Thanks

So many thanks go to David Jeggo and Mark Roe for attending the Show with their lovely Taunus' and, who I am sure, had a great time.

We certainly "wowed" the "Ford Scene" and the public this year, and hopefully in the years to follow too. To hear the term #classicandsportscar, used to describe my RS....its without doubt an honour. The FTC-GB had an "outrageous stand and show" in 2021....

Thanks also go to Stu D. - our Club Editor, web-guru and general dogsbody - who has played a huge part in our success over the years since the FTC-GB Club was reformed. And, as everyone can see, we grow year on year offering something different on the Ford Scene.

Roll on 2022, and if we are successful in our application for a Stand at the NEC, we will be Celebrating 60 years of the P4.....


Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner...

Classic & Sports Car Magazine Club Awards
Classic & Sports Car Magazine Club Awards
Not only was 2021 the first time the Ford Taunus Club GB had a stand at the Classic Motor Show, but the winner of the coveted 2021 Judges' Choice went to our very own Roy T. for his immaculately restored 'Piri-Piri' orange 1971 Ford Taunus 20M RS.

The restoration was a closely guarded secret and only finished days before the NEC event. Its first time on the road was travelling to the show – where it was a complete surprise to fellow club members.

Strangely, Roy's RS is already on these hallowed pages from when Ash owned the vehicle in sunny Florida. Roy was so taken by the vehicle that he purchased it and imported it into the UK in Late 2019. Following a sympathetic restoration, part 2 of the story is available here.

C&SC NEC 2021 - Judges' Choice Award
C&SC NEC 2021 - Judges' Choice Award
1971 Taunus 20M RS
1971 Taunus 20M RS - Winner Judges' Choice 2021

Want to join us for 2022?

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