FTC-GB invited to attend the NEC in 2023!

After displaying our cars at the NEC in both 2021 and 2022 we have been accepted to display once again!

And like previous years, there's a theme to the FTC-GB stand. For 2023 the theme will be Perfect Partners.


Perfect Partners

Ford Taunus TC2 Estate
Ford Taunus TC2 Estate

How many times have you displayed your car at a show only for every-single-person passing it to commend "my dad / uncle / mum / brothers-sisters-friends-wife had one of those"?

Yeah. Well, with a Taunus that doesn't happen. Most people walk past. Then stop, come back, walk around, look at the badges, take a step back and scratch their head...

For 2023 we will be displaying an eclectic mix of rare Taunus's (Tauni??) for the viewing public to feast their eyes on. You think a "normal" Taunus is rare? You haven't seen anything yet...Unicorns? Get to the back of the queue.

Keep checking here, and on the Ford Taunus Club - GB FaceBook page for the latest information for this event.


FTC-GB Membership Benefits

If you are a member of the FTC-GB Club, then have a look at our Facebook page where we have recently published the NEC 2023 *Discount Code*. Members of the FTC-GB can use the code to get money off the NEC entry fee.
FTC-GB members will therefore have more cash to splash on Taunus related tat merchandise than the "ordinary" unwashed general public, although they may still be unwashed...

If you would like to be a FTC-GB Club member, click here for more information.


The Greatest Show on Earth

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is world recognised as the pinicle car show for classic vehicles. The show brings together the world’s largest gathering of over 300 car and motorcycle clubs, displaying over 3,000 iconic classic and vintage cars and motorbikes across seven halls at Birmingham’s NEC.

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show will be held between 10 Nov and 12 Nov at the NEC in Birmingham.

Along with admiring amazing vehicles on display, visitors have the opportunity to shop from the UK’s largest indoor autojumble and source parts and tools for maintenance and restoration needs from specialist traders.

Silverstone Auctions also attend, with Auctions held throughout the show days. It is a truly electric atmosphere.

If you are interested in attending the NEC Show as a FTC-GB Club participant, please pre-register your interest.


Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show @ The NEC


Find out more: Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show Official Website