I always dreamed about owning a Taunus from I was a little child. I was bewitched by this Ford.

TC1-250x333 I remember talking about my first car with my dad for hours and hours. I was in high school and in yet another chat about old Fords, he told me: "Ale, if you study very hard, I promise you a Taunus when you finish school"...

Imagine the situation. A boy, 13 years old, with that challenge and dream in front my mind! Believe me. I studied a lot, and I was a very good student.

Two years after finishing high school I was at university studing Aeronautical Engineering and on arriving home one day I saw it... My dad was as good as his word.

It is impossible to describe the feelings but I finally had my Taunus.


TC3-250x306 I knew of this Ford TC3 from when it was brand new!! I'm the second owner, the same as with white Ford TC1 I also own.

The TC3 was bought new by my uncle in 1983. I remember that day, he was very happy and of course I was too. LOL.

In 2005 he decided to sell it to me because I had eventually ground him down, continually asking to buy it at every opportunity. Ha ha.


Well... Finally. A Taunus M, a legend to me from when I was a child...

P3-250x333 I always wanted one and in 2001 I found a guy by internet who had one for sale. I quickly bought it, but later I discovered it was in bad condition.

I spent 12 years restoring it, with a lot of effort and love. I decided to do a kind of light, old-skool, restoration with it, due the condition it was in. Of course, I would never have modified it if it was in good original condition, but I think I did it with the respect it deserves.


With Thanks

Stu D. would like to thank Alejandro T. for not only supplying a tremendous amount of information for the Argentinian Ford Taunus page, but for also telling his Taunus ownership stories for us all to enjoy.